Callaway Apex Pro Forged Irons

Callaway Apex Pro Forged Irons

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Callaway Apex Pro Forged Irons
The Apex Pro is a technology driven iron at heart. The face material is actually the Carpenter 455 material Callaway uses in their X Hot Fairway Woods. Inspired by the general shape and function of the 2013 model of Callaway’s X Forged iron, there is one important difference however: The face of the Apex Pro is 17 percent thinner than that of the X Forged. This thin face places Apex Pro in a new flexible-face category, composed of irons intended to provide additional ball speed because of added trampoline effect in the face.
Callaway, after extensive research and testing with its staff professionals, decided to bypass aggressive grooves in the Apex Pro. The stock version of the Apex Pro iron contains grooves that create only a moderate amount of spin. In general, less spin means higher trajectory and extra carry distance. More spin meant just the opposite. Low-handicap amateurs face the same dilemma as pros, so Callaway decided to bypass aggressive grooves in the Apex Pro. Test results from 5-iron testing with Callaway touring pros: Less spin produced a higher trajectory with as much as 8 or 9 additional yards of carry and “upwards of 13 yards” in total distance.
The premium forged body gives Apex Pro a look and feel that was once reserved only for players irons. But ultimately, what makes Apex Pro a first in golf is that it combines forging with technology and performance to arrive at a forged iron that is very long and also has the performance characteristics of a forged iron, in terms of the soft, responsive feel and the look that you get from a forging.
Callaway Apex Pro Forged Irons Features:
1. Thin 455 Carpenter Steel Face Insert increases ball speeds 1mph to 2mph for more distance
2. 1020 Forged Carbon Steel body delivers soft, responsive feel
3. Tungsten weighted inserts in the sole of the 3-5 long irons produce a lower CG, higher launch angles and maximum forgiveness
4. New grooves designed to reduce spin compared to previous models for noticeably higher ball flights that have less tendency to balloon
5. New True Temper XP95 steel shaft offering delivers high launch angles with a controlled ball flight for premium performance in a lightweight offering
6. UST Recoil is a lightweight graphite shaft offering with higher flex points, resulting in great feel and workability
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  • Anonymous user:

    Hi, What year model are Callaway Apex Pro Forged Irons? How can you offer them at a fraction of the price of the major retailers? Thanks

    Administrator:They are 2014 model. Three reasons contribute to the competitive price. Firstly, we delivery the clubs directly from the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), no middle agents, which saves our cost; Secondly, we send it as a gift to our customers to avoid the tax. Thirdly, we are in the period of exploiting our market worldwide.

  • Anonymous user:

    good day,

    I am considering buying the Callaway Apex Pro forged irons. Can you send me more pictures please so I can have a closer look.

    Thank you.

    Administrator:Dear, you can just check the pictures online, our clubs are all brand new, legal and original. You can rest assured to buy from us.

  • Anonymous user:

    Hi, any updates on getting the Apex ('non-pro') range?

    Administrator:Sorry, we now only have Apex Pro Forged Irons in stock.

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