Ping G30 Irons

Ping G30 Irons

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Ping G30 Irons
The new G30 Irons from PING come loaded with performance enhancing features that are designed to increase  distance, accuracy, feel, and playability. With years of research and development finally ready for live play,  the G30 is a better sounding, better feeling, and better overall performance iron.
New progressive lengths throughout the set, combined with stronger lofts in all irons, combine to fully  maximize distance without sacrificing proper gapping or control. PING's patented undercut cavity and lowers  the center of gravity in the iron for improved launch and increased forgiveness for higher and straighter  shots. The G30's enhanced sole design and elastomer cavity badge improve turn interaction, ensures consistent  trajectories and distance control, while also providing face support for pure, solid feel.
Ping G30 Irons Features:
1. Increased distance from progressive lengths and lofts
2. Lowered CG for improved launch, increased forgiveness
3. Expanded perimeter weighting and increased MOI, higher launch
4. Face support for more consistent distance control, more solid feel
5. Improved turf interaction, ensuring consistent trajectories
6. Enhanced sound and feel
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  • Anonymous user:

    Hi How much for a full set of ping G30 including ping bag?(3-sw, driver and fairway woods and putter)

    Administrator:Hi, thank you for your comment and interest in our G30 golf clubs. Let's contact each other by email for more details about the price. We will send you an eamil soon. No worries.

  • Anonymous user:

    Can you explain which kinds of shafts you have available for your drivers

    Administrator:Hi, thank you for your comment. We now have several shafts available in stock. You want graphite shafts or steel shafts?

  • Anonymous user:

    Will you do a set of Ping g30, plus driver for an all up price of $500.
    Are these ping clubs or copies?

    Administrator:Hi, thank you for your comment and interest in our G30 set. Do you mean you want to buy both of the driver and irons set at the price of $500? Sorry, this price is too low for us. If you want the driver plus wood, we are happy to give you the price. And here we confirm all of our clubs are brand new, legal and authentic. You can rest assured about that.

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