Ping G30 Irons

Ping G30 Irons

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Ping G30 Irons
The new G30 Irons from PING come loaded with performance enhancing features that are designed to increase  distance, accuracy, feel, and playability. With years of research and development finally ready for live play,  the G30 is a better sounding, better feeling, and better overall performance iron.
New progressive lengths throughout the set, combined with stronger lofts in all irons, combine to fully  maximize distance without sacrificing proper gapping or control. PING's patented undercut cavity and lowers  the center of gravity in the iron for improved launch and increased forgiveness for higher and straighter  shots. The G30's enhanced sole design and elastomer cavity badge improve turn interaction, ensures consistent  trajectories and distance control, while also providing face support for pure, solid feel.
Ping G30 Irons Features:
1. Increased distance from progressive lengths and lofts
2. Lowered CG for improved launch, increased forgiveness
3. Expanded perimeter weighting and increased MOI, higher launch
4. Face support for more consistent distance control, more solid feel
5. Improved turf interaction, ensuring consistent trajectories
6. Enhanced sound and feel
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  • Bunting74:


    do you sell the Ping G30 RH in yellow dot?

    Administrator:Yes, they are available in yellow dot. You can leave a message in the postscript about the dot color you want when you place an order.

  • Anonymous user:

    I am looking for a set of G30's 3-9 PS U L.

    I normally play with blue dot but was fitted with green dot some time back. Does the yellow dot fit in between these 2?

    What would the best price be for a set as indicated?

    Administrator:Hi, thank you for your comment and interest in our G30 Irons. But our g30 irons come with 3-9PS, no U,L. Both green and yellow dot are available in stock. You can leave a message in the postscript about the dot color you want when you place an order. The price on our site is just the best price. Hope you can understand.

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