Titleist T-MB 716 Irons

Titleist T-MB 716 Irons

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Titleist T-MB 716 Irons

IN STOCK NOW! The new'T-MB Irons' pursuing ballistic's loyal to Titleist, shape and performance, feel, improve them all. Tungsten weights on the toe and the heel, high inertia moment hollow design and misses, the stability of each distance is realized. Support the golfer by combining a traditional muscle back shape and an innovative high-tech composite material hollow design, aimed at enhancing performance.

It has a blade look that tour players prefer with very minimal offset but also its top line is slightly thicker and rounded for the amateur golfer.  Combining strong lofts with a low center of gravity along with a hollow body and tungsten weighting creates a unique sensation that while stainless feels soft and spongy at impact unlike any other blade in golf.

These muscle backs feature a unique design utilizing a hollow body with a high tech composite tungsten material deep within behind the toe and heel section to produce a low center of gravity and big forgiveness,  it's thin face structure increases ball velocity making not only the most forgiving muscle back iron in golf but also the longest distance MB ever produced.

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  • Anonymous user:

    Dear Sirs; I find your prices at least 'competitive'.
    Are these clubs for real ? Or are they copies ?
    If real - I will order ! (from Norway)

    Administrator:Thank you for your comment. We do understand your concerns. Here we confirm all of our clubs are brand new, legal and real. Three reasons contribute to the competitive price. Firstly, we delivery the clubs directly from the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), no middle agents, which saves our cost; Secondly, we send it as a gift to our customers to avoid the tax. Thirdly, we are in the period of exploiting our market worldwide.

  • Anonymous user:

    What will you sell me the Titleist T-MB 716 irons 4-PW for? Cost of shipping to Florida, USA.

    Administrator:Thank you for your comment. But we are sorry we now can only sell the Titleist T-MB 716 irons with 3-9P, we cannot throw just the #3 iron away from the set. And we can offer free shipping to Florida, USA.. If you like our products, you can feel free to place an order.

  • tritrangkla:

    1. What type of steel shaft do you have? Looking for NSPro S or DG S200/300
    2. Can you ship to Bangkok Thailand? Any idea of import duties might be?

    Administrator:Hi, thank you for your comment. Both of the NSPro 950 GH S and DG S300 steel shafts are now available in stock. And we can ship to Bangkok Thailand. There might be some import duties, but we have no idea how much it is. It should depend on you local customs.

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