Generac One Wash Pressure Washer Reviews – Generac 6602 OneWash

Generac One Wash Pressure Washer Reviews: Generac is one of the leading providers of home equipment you need to make your life easier. One of the most recent products from this manufacturer is the OneWash pressure washers.

In this post, we are going to look at the best Generac one wash pressure washer.  No matter what your job might be, these pressure washers are just waiting to help you get the job done today.

Generac One Wash Pressure Washer Reviews 2016

Generac 6602 OneWash 4-In-1 PowerDial 3,100 PSI 2.8 GPM 212cc OHV Gas Powered Residential Pressure Washer

Are you looking for a reliable a pressure washer? The Generac 6602 gas powered pressure washer is one that you should definitely consider. It is one of the best Generac one wash pressure washers in the market.

The Generac 6602 is a popular washer for a number of reasons. The 212cc Generac engine is more than powerful enough for the jobs you have for it around the house. The sturdy AR axial cam pump gives you the strength you need to take care of your cleaning projects. For homeowners looking for performance at a value, this is a great option.

 This unit has a frame that has been well thought out beforehand with your needs in mind. The balance and maneuverability, along with two detergent tanks that are easy to access, make it a winner for you around the house. This model allows you to store everything in one place, but by sticking with a horizontally shafted pump and engine, it does not compromise on durability.

If you have more questions about the product, contact the Generac customer service representatives. They are helpful and courteous on the phone, and they are knowledgeable about their products.

I have been looking into buying a pressure washer and have researched many products only to find most are designed with no common sense and are built poorly. Except for this product. The Generac 6602 was very easy to connect the water supply and the pressure hose to. It started up right away and ran flawlessly for me. The company makes a solid product and seems to promote that in all the products they make. Well done! For the money this is the best choice available I believe. And yes I know it’s not a Honda engine, but really, look at the whole “picture” here; is it a quality product? Does the engine start and run well? Is it well designed? I have to answer yes to all of these questions. I don’t review a product unless I purchase it. That is what a review is about… yes? –

NorthStar Pressure Washer Review – Gas Cold Water Power Washer

A review of the NorthStar Gas Cold Water Pressure Cleaner. If you are looking for power, high pressure, and maximum PSI then you are in the market for a gas powered pressure washer. Not to mention that this Northstar pressure washer comes with a Honda powered motor, the best in the business. These motors are built strong and are known for their reliability.

In this power washer review I will go over basic features, incorporate customer feedback from Amazon, as well as my own personal overview, experience, opinions of the NorthStar model. This is one of the best pressure washer for home I have reviewed.

Features of the NorthStar Pressure Washer

  • This particular unit comes with the 187cc OHC Honda motor that pushes a solid 3000 PSI. This engine is among the most popular when it comes to pressure washer motors, mostly due to it’s reliably and its low noise levels. It is also extremely gas efficient!
  • The chassis is welded and balanced for easy maneuverability and storage.
  • It comes with a large half gallon gas tank and ten inch tires.
  • This model also includes a reinforced pressure wand and nozzle for the very best versatility and convenience. The hose extends to an impressive 25 feet and boats high pressure structure.
  • This particular North Star pressure washer model comes with a 90-days commercial warranty, as well as a 3 year limited warranty on the whole unit.
  • This machine also comes with a nozzle holster for easy and fast changes while doing jobs around the house. You don’t have to worry about stepping on your tools or misplacing them.

Customers Feedback and Reviews

My husband had researched pressure washers for years… and I do mean years… before finally finding one that met all of his qualifications, for the right price. When we received this one, the oil/gas filter had been compromised in shipping, but after a call to the vendor, they quickly shipped us a new filter. So far, we have used it to clean our cement, camper, shop and brick on our home.. the interchangeable heads allow you to get the correct pressure for the surface you are cleaning. It is easy to operate and powerful enough to handle pretty much any job. It works as well as any industrial grade washer that we have used, and was a fraction of the cost.

“I love this North star pressure washer washer, easy to use, very powerful, and not only am I impressed with the power washer, but I’m also impressed with the price!”

My Experience

After using this Northstar pressure washer, I was very impressed right from start to end. It moved around well, stored perfectly in the limited space I had, and didn’t lose pressure once while cleaning. I out this model through its paces to test its durability and it ran all day long in the beating sun with no issues at all. This unit can handle light to moderate commercial work as well as any job around the house with ease. The high pressure hose is pretty solid as well; it rarely tangles and does not have much memory to it which is good because it will refrain from long term hose damage.

If you are in the market for a pressure washer this is defiantly one to consider. You can now receive this product for well below the retail price!

Cheap Camping Equipment – Cheap Tents, Coleman Stoves, Camping Beds and Hammocks

Are you a camping enthusiast? More often than not, our camping experience is just as good as the equipment we chose to tag along with us to the site. This is the reason why it is indispensable to invest on gears and other paraphernalias.

Hard-nosed campers know that it’s not about having to bring the most equipment on the site that matters but having the essential ones. This also holds true when it comes to purchasing your camping requisites. You may want to choose wisely on things that you really need. This is also one measure you can have in order to save on your budget.

Another aspect to consider when thinking of camping equipments to buy is time. It is good to poll different stores ahead of your scheduled camping plans. This could allow you to choose from a wider variety of equipments that may not come on hand just when you need it to. The best time to purchase your camping essentials is off-season when store owners are trying to get rid of those that were not sold during the season.

It is also a great move to check out online stores as they provide you a great avail of the camping equipments you need. Add to this, the many discounts and deals that most of these stores are offering that you could take advantage of. You can often find cheap tents and other equipments available online.

Camping Hammock

Camping hammocks are very operational and a convenient choice for some campers nowadays. You only need to find two trees, which surely you won’t have a hard time finding in the campsite, where the hammock could be suspended and you’re ready to go for your goodnight sleep. Camping hammocks are lightweight and thus easier to carry compared to most camping tents. They are also environment friendly as you don’t need to bore holes on the surface soil. Camping hammocks keep the campers away from ground animals like insects or reptiles. Most camping hammock products nowadays also come in with large pockets, insulating materials and quilts to address issues brought about by adverse climatic conditions.

Coleman Stoves

One good thing about the Coleman stove products is that they are available in different variety. Coleman stoves could be fueled by propane fuel and/or their own Coleman gas. Coleman could also come in on grills with one or multiple burners for your need. Other kitchen accessories can also be provided upon purchase of Coleman stoves. Coleman utilities are also easier to clean as compared to other products made with stainless steel or aluminum. Coleman stoves are also hard-wearing and very easy to use. These make Coleman a great option for camper enthusiasts. They are very convenient to bring and serves great in providing campers their cooking essentials whether in small or big packs.

Camping Beds

One can find a wide variety of camping beds on most sports house and online stores. A camper looking for his own camping bed can choose from different sizes and different features to satisfy one’s comfort and needs. One commonly used form of camping bed is the air inflatable version. They can be used inside a camping tent together with Plus-size Camp Chairs. The air could be a little cold at times and you may want to use additional layer of fabric to cover the top of your air bed.

Camping beds are very easy to bring because most of them are ultra lightweights. This is ideal for car campers and mountain hikers who don’t want to carry additional load. Most campers opt to have inflatable beds over air bags because they are ideal for people with back and neck problems.

Ways To Clean Various Types Of Washable Cloth – Nappies

When you are a regular user of reusable cloth nappies, you already knew that your usual laundry detergent is not suitable for washing cloth nappies. To avoid irritating the baby’s delicate skin, some use vinegar, unscented laundry soap and even do an additional rinse.

These tips will help you find the perfect wash routine for your nappies.

Cleaning Habit

In order to achieve a great cleaning habit for your cloth nappies, you need to rinse them properly, ensuring that you were able to wet and removed all the solid waste from the nappy before you put them in the washing machine. Although, this does not happen if you breastfeed your baby. However, if your baby is breastfed, you don’t have to wet and remove the wastes from the nappy because they can be removed during the first wash.

You typically do not need to add anything to the first rinse.  Washing the nappies is the subsequent step in cleaning your washable cloth nappies. In this step, you can add oxygen cleaner if you have stains, as well as your detergent. It is always recommended that you use a detergent specifically made for cloth nappies, although you can also make your own detergent if you wish. When your having troubles with hard nappies, you can put vinegar on the last wash. You can also add essential oils at this time if you want some scent in your nappies.

Your Detergent

It may seem unbelievable but the kind of laundry soap you use to clean the nappies has a great effect on its scent and absorbency.  When your having troubles maintaining the fresh odor of the nappies, you can strip the cloth nappies. Stripping the cloth nappies is the process of removing all the soap residues inside the nappies to make them look clean. You can strip using hot water washes and dishwashing detergent. When you start stripping your cloth nappies, begin it with hot water rinse and put a little dishwashing agent. Then you need to wash until you no longer see bubbles in the wash and dry as usual. Make sure that the detergent you use is free of scents, optical brighteners, and other chemical additives for the best smelling, cleanest nappies.  You can find a wide array of environmentally friendly detergents made just for cloth nappies.

Is It Necessary to Have Additional Wash?

Another of the most common problems that cause build up and stink in reusable nappies is simply not using enough water. The additional rinse or final wash has a great effect on the odor and form of the nappies, making them tidier and more fresh smelling. Additionally, try not to overload your washing machine. Usually, around 15 cloth nappies are enough as it is a huge load already if you add more there will be an insufficient amount of water that flow through the nappies.

Finding the perfect wash routine for your cloth nappies takes some research, but with these tips it is possible to clean your nappies perfectly every time you wash.