How To Care For Glass Dining Room Tables To Maintain The Beauty

Flash Furniture HERCULES PREMIUM Series Black Resin Stacking Chiavari ChairGlass dining room tables have to be taken extra care of because they are fragile and are prone to scratches and cracks. A thick glass can be durable, but it can be damaged easily. Items lie keys can easily scratch the surface of the glass. There are certain ways that you can use to take extra care of dining tables made of glass.

Put down the mats

Firstly, put down the mats or coasters on the tables. This does not only help in stopping the hot mugs to form rings on the glass but also to stop food spoilages from damaging the glass. You should even put mats under the items like candleholders and other things. Whenever guests come in your house, remind them to put everything on the mats. This way they will have respect for your glass table.

Clean the glass surface

Clean the glass surface of the dining table on regular basis. Make use of a mild detergent and mix it with warm water. This makes a non-caustic solution that is suggested for the glass furniture. Do this once or twice everyday and the glass will stay clean forever. Every time you have cleaned the furniture, fawn the surface by using a cotton cloth. This will make the surface look shiny and beautiful.

Do not place heavy items

Try not to place heavy items on the glass surface. On your dining table made of glass, try not to put any such thing that is too heavy and can trip down easily. Do not put heavy dishes on the table as well. If the table is made of wood, then you can take the risk of putting heavy things on it, but with glass, you have to be careful with what you put on the table.

The problem of Grime

One common problem with dining tables made of glass is grime. If specific substances are not cleaned up properly and in time, then they can turn into grime and become very tough to remove. However, there is a cleaning solution that you can easily put together and remove the grime easily. Make a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda with warm water. It is a good idea to put the solution in a spray bottle, as this will allow you to spray it on the grime marks and leave the solution to soak for some hours. This will loosen the grim easily. You can wipe the solution with a cleaner then.

This is how you can maintain the glass dining room table you have and maintain the beauty. If you follow the mentioned steps properly, then certainly you will be getting the longer life for your dining table. When you invest so much money in buying such a table, then also put some time in taking care of it. This will help you get the proper return of your money as you the table will stay durable and you will not need to change the table again and again.