Generator Noise Reduction Box – Portable Generator Sound Enclosure

A generator will save the day in an event of a prolonged blackout. To keep your generator safe from the scorching sun, theft and reduce the generator noise, a generator noise reduction box comes in handy.

The generators’ noise can be deafening, especially if they do not have mufflers fitted in them. The portable generator sound enclosures isolate this noise however. They are capable of absorbing the noise and the only thing that you will be left hearing is a humming sound.

They also act as sheds for the generators since you cannot place them in the house. They protect the generators from harsh weather and people who think they need it more.

Now that you have had a glimpse of the benefits that you will get when you use these generator storage sheds, let’s find out which are the best ones in the market:

3 Top Rated Generator Noise Reduction Box.

Rubbermaid Horizontal Home Generator Storage Shed, 32-cubic feet.

Why is this a top pick?

The Rubbermaid shed is what you need for storing those things that just mess up the house every time you bring them in.



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It is a really great generator sound enclosure shed but can also be used to store some other things inside too. Store your lawn mower and similar types of machinery without having to worry about oily floors.

The shed has rollers that allow it to open up and make it easy for you to remove and replace the machinery. The distance from the ground to the lid also ensures that you will not strain when removing the machinery from the shed.

You will not have to get a person to install the shed outside. The assembly is easy and just requires some household tools to complete its assembly.

This awesome generator noise reduction box does not require regular maintenance like other sheds do. Since it is made of rubber, rusting and rotting are not factors that will reduce its lifetime. Once you have installed the shed, you will be using it rust and rot free for as long as it is standing.

The walls of the shed have been fitted with eight anchors. You can hang anything that is messy on the floor on the anchors or just use them to create space on the floor.

This shed is also double walled. Among all the advantages of having a double walled shed for storing your generator, I believe the power of noise absorption is what makes it so great.

The floor of the shed can withstand a great impact made on it by fallen machinery. So anytime you drop something in, just be sure that the floor is capable of retaining its physical shape without dentation and holes.


The walls are not strong enough to place huge items to lean on them. Customers complain that the walls collapse once they place a couple of tools to lean on the walls. Though the method of setting it up is really easy, customers feel like there should have been a more complex procedure that will help with the stability issue.

Keter Store-It-Out MIDI Outdoor Resin Horizontal Storage Shed.

This 30 cubic feet storage unit provides adequate space to store your generator together with other items that you do not want in the house.



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This shed can be used as a portable generator sound enclosure for it cancels out the noise produced by the generator when it is operational.

The design traps the noise and vibrations hence you will not mind the power outage because the noise pollution is checked.

The shed comes with a tough floor panel that will only dent if a huge impulse force is applied on it. You can therefore place heavy tools in the shed without having to worry about damaging the structure.

The floor panel is also great for supporting pointed objects. With its sturdy nature, you can be sure of it retaining its stature.

Apart from it being an amazing portable generator sound enclosure and a great storage unit, it is also simple to set up. In less than one hour, your shed will be an upright structure ready for use.

The structure is simple. You will get nothing in its content that will require search engine results as guides on how to use them.

The walls are the main components and measure 29 x 51 x 43.5 Inches while the internal dimensions are 25 x 47.5 x 39.5 Inches.

Sheds are meant to stay outside. With the high crime rate that has hit every part of this word, your shed is likely to be broken into if you do not ensure that the contents are totally secure.

The shed is lockable therefore you do not have to sleep with one eye opened for fear of getting robbed.


The shed does not do well under adverse climatic changes. The materials used to make the shed have unbalanced expansion rates hence they stretch unevenly every time the temperature hits the roof.

The same goes for the contraction rate. This makes the various parts of the shed to loose shape and no longer fit with each other. After a couple of months with the shed, most of the users say that it gave in to the climate. It lost stability and started to get gaps all over.

Other users have showed no regrets in the purchase, hence it might be that the shed was just misused by the owners.

Suncast BMS3400 34 cu. ft. Horizontal Shed- Generator noise reduction box

If great quality is at the top of your priority list every time you are out on a shopping spree, then this home generator enclosure is the perfect choice when you need one.



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The first thing you will love about Suncast BMS3400 shed is the outstanding design it has. This is something you would feel uncomfortable hiding when you hide it in the backyard where no one can see instead of placing it out for the public eye for admiration.

This wonderful shed can be of use as a portable generator sound enclosure. The noise produced by the generators is faded out and hence you can use a generator in the middle of the night without waking up the whole neighborhood.

The shed is roomy enough to keep some other items inside. It has a total space of 34 cubic feet with overall dimensions of 53×32-1/2×45-1/2″(WxDxH). It is up to you to decide what can be stored away in the shed together with the generator.

Its floor is super strong. You can place heavy equipment in it without damaging the floor.

To keep the items inside the shade safe outside, the shed is fitted with a padlock hasp. Your items will be safe once under lock and key.


The doors on this shed are not so secure. The door can come off so easily and one will need just a few tools to take them down. This is because the support on the hinges are not solid strong and the manufactures have not provided information on how a person can reinforce them.

Most of the users have successfully made reinforcements to the doors by upgrading the hinge mechanism and have enjoyed the use of this shed for portable generator noise reduction.

How to Build a Portable Generator Enclosure.

If you are good with the hands, then here are some tips for getting you started in building your own portable generator sound enclosure:

An enclosure does not have to be as big as a shed in order for it to work perfectly as a noise inhibitor.

The best material for you to use is wood. Plywood is a good alternative for the thick wood if you are not comfortable handling bulky materials.

Use 2 by 4 posts as the support for the corners. Because the generators vary in sizes, you need to take your own measurements and cut out the plywood accordingly.

On the side where the exhaust will be facing, you need to create vents in a way that the opening can reflect back the sound being produced.

You can create the vents slanting outwards with the opening facing down. The whole idea is to bounce back the noise and deflect the path of the smoke to the ground.

Another idea you might want to consider is placing an absorbent material on the floor to trap the smoke particles, reducing the amount of smoke that will get into the atmosphere. It is not a necessity, but if you are keen on environmental conservation, then it might be a good idea for you.

As long as you have ensured the walls and floor are stable, you are ready to go to the ceiling part. For the ceiling, non-metals like plastic are the best options. Wood is also good but not as great as plastic and PVC products. You can nail the ceiling a few meters apart from the walls to provide ample ventilation.

You can try to make your own model if you feel like it is something you can do perfectly for there are some models that are easy to make. The commercial ones however, provide ample space and can be used to store some other things too.

If you have the skills, you can go ahead and build a generator box for yourself.

Simple steps on how to build a generator noise reduction box.

Here is an easy follow up steps videos outlining a simple way on how to build a 5′-2″ x 3′-8″ generator shed.

You’ll definitely enjoy this!

Step 10: The Installing Hinged Roof Phase.

Step 11: The Installing the Sheet Metal Roof Phase.

A high quality generator noise reduction box is the best for storing your generator during its time of use or idleness. Keep your expensive portable generator safely by considering one of the above options or even building one.