NorthStar Pressure Washer Review – Gas Cold Water Power Washer

A review of the NorthStar Gas Cold Water Pressure Cleaner. If you are looking for power, high pressure, and maximum PSI then you are in the market for a gas powered pressure washer. Not to mention that this Northstar pressure washer comes with a Honda powered motor, the best in the business. These motors are built strong and are known for their reliability.

In this power washer review I will go over basic features, incorporate customer feedback from Amazon, as well as my own personal overview, experience, opinions of the NorthStar model. This is one of the best pressure washer for cars I have reviewed.

Features of the NorthStar Pressure Washer

  • This particular unit comes with the 187cc OHC Honda motor that pushes a solid 3000 PSI. This engine is among the most popular when it comes to pressure washer motors, mostly due to it’s reliably and its low noise levels. It is also extremely gas efficient!
  • The chassis is welded and balanced for easy maneuverability and storage.
  • It comes with a large half gallon gas tank and ten inch tires.
  • This model also includes a reinforced pressure wand and nozzle for the very best versatility and convenience. The hose extends to an impressive 25 feet and boats high pressure structure.
  • This particular North Star pressure washer model comes with a 90-days commercial warranty, as well as a 3 year limited warranty on the whole unit.
  • This machine also comes with a nozzle holster for easy and fast changes while doing jobs around the house. You don’t have to worry about stepping on your tools or misplacing them.

Customers Feedback and Reviews

My husband had researched pressure washers for years… and I do mean years… before finally finding one that met all of his qualifications, for the right price. When we received this one, the oil/gas filter had been compromised in shipping, but after a call to the vendor, they quickly shipped us a new filter. So far, we have used it to clean our cement, camper, shop and brick on our home.. the interchangeable heads allow you to get the correct pressure for the surface you are cleaning. It is easy to operate and powerful enough to handle pretty much any job. It works as well as any industrial grade washer that we have used, and was a fraction of the cost.

“I love this North star pressure washer washer, easy to use, very powerful, and not only am I impressed with the power washer, but I’m also impressed with the price!”

My Experience

After using this Northstar pressure washer, I was very impressed right from start to end. It moved around well, stored perfectly in the limited space I had, and didn’t lose pressure once while cleaning. I out this model through its paces to test its durability and it ran all day long in the beating sun with no issues at all. This unit can handle light to moderate commercial work as well as any job around the house with ease. The high pressure hose is pretty solid as well; it rarely tangles and does not have much memory to it which is good because it will refrain from long term hose damage.

If you are in the market for a pressure washer this is defiantly one to consider. You can now receive this product for well below the retail price!