Ways To Clean Various Types Of Washable Cloth – Nappies

When you are a regular user of reusable cloth nappies, you already knew that your usual laundry detergent is not suitable for washing cloth nappies. To avoid irritating the baby’s delicate skin, some use vinegar, unscented laundry soap and even do an additional rinse.

These tips will help you find the perfect wash routine for your nappies.

Cleaning Habit

In order to achieve a great cleaning habit for your cloth nappies, you need to rinse them properly, ensuring that you were able to wet and removed all the solid waste from the nappy before you put them in the washing machine. Although, this does not happen if you breastfeed your baby. However, if your baby is breastfed, you don’t have to wet and remove the wastes from the nappy because they can be removed during the first wash.

You typically do not need to add anything to the first rinse.  Washing the nappies is the subsequent step in cleaning your washable cloth nappies. In this step, you can add oxygen cleaner if you have stains, as well as your detergent. It is always recommended that you use a detergent specifically made for cloth nappies, although you can also make your own detergent if you wish. When your having troubles with hard nappies, you can put vinegar on the last wash. You can also add essential oils at this time if you want some scent in your nappies.

Your Detergent

It may seem unbelievable but the kind of laundry soap you use to clean the nappies has a great effect on its scent and absorbency.  When your having troubles maintaining the fresh odor of the nappies, you can strip the cloth nappies. Stripping the cloth nappies is the process of removing all the soap residues inside the nappies to make them look clean. You can strip using hot water washes and dishwashing detergent. When you start stripping your cloth nappies, begin it with hot water rinse and put a little dishwashing agent. Then you need to wash until you no longer see bubbles in the wash and dry as usual. Make sure that the detergent you use is free of scents, optical brighteners, and other chemical additives for the best smelling, cleanest nappies.  You can find a wide array of environmentally friendly detergents made just for cloth nappies.

Is It Necessary to Have Additional Wash?

Another of the most common problems that cause build up and stink in reusable nappies is simply not using enough water. The additional rinse or final wash has a great effect on the odor and form of the nappies, making them tidier and more fresh smelling. Additionally, try not to overload your washing machine. Usually, around 15 cloth nappies are enough as it is a huge load already if you add more there will be an insufficient amount of water that flow through the nappies.

Finding the perfect wash routine for your cloth nappies takes some research, but with these tips it is possible to clean your nappies perfectly every time you wash.